About Charlie Keenan

When I was at school I couldn’t decide on what I wanted to do,  the  career people told me become an accountant! Oh no, that was what all the others were doing, I wanted to do a job not anyone else was entering! Strangely I looked at becoming an actuary (there are only 3000 in the UK). An actuary are clever person who compile and analyse statistics, then use them to calculate insurance risks and premiums). Turned out they were just too clever for me. But I was by then in the insurance industry and over the next few years I moved around several roles, ending up in IT.

I love IT, getting applications built to help businesses deliver improvements that achieve goals and objectives is just an awesome feeling.  I just appreciate the drive of businesses using technology and their business knowledge to deliver their strategies.

I got to the level of running large teams who did the delivery and support of applications, working for a good employer.  Then we were outsourced and things started to change, the ethos, the management.  I moved to a new role on a large programme to deliver a replacement system but the role wasn’t what it said on the tin.  It wasn’t fun any more and that is when I realised that I’d moved away from what I love to do.

Then the best thing happened in 2009 – I was made redundant.  For the first time in my life I had a chance to look at a different route.  Rather than look for a new role with another company I took the opportunity to start up a business.

I had never set up a business and didn’t have a business idea but I wanted to work for myself. I did some research and the going recommendation is if haven’t a business idea then start with a Franchise.  As I said I love IT but I am not a coder, I am not into networks or storage, I am just fascinated with implementing and using applications. After a look around,  I went in to website design as business franchise, selling to local small businesses, a Content Management System for websites.

To start with I had moderate success. To help the business develop, I joined networking groups, business clubs and I even got a mentor.  I was learning a lot, making mistakes, having small successes, all the while endeavouring to make a business work in the worst depression since 1935. But it didn’t work out, I couldn’t subsidise myself from savings and had to return to working for another business full time.

But I haven’t lost the dream, my goal is in the next 24 months I will work for myself running my online company that delivers ideas into reality for businesses.  I know it’s going to require hard work as I also have a full time work commitment – but that’s the point. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and if it was easy then everyone would do it! How strong is your desire?

I learnt a lot and will continue to learn as I make this new journey.  I’ll be back to update you as I go along.

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