How many times have you been drawn into a sales pitch from a expert who tells you that this new toy will:

  • make you money with this knowledge
  • save you time when you use that tool
  • put you on Googles first page

And 2 months later its sitting on your PC or Mac doing nothing for you?

I am just as easily sucked into these  promises – I have a fair few sitting on the PC doing nothing for me. You know I once spent $5000 in one week and yet have to make $1 from the shinny new toy.

And I have done it more than once!

Don’t get me wrong there have been some tools that have been so very useful and I have had huge use from them. However, there are a fair few that have yet to come out of their dust covers.

Does that sound familiar? Got a few tools tucked away? Tempted by the sales pitch for a new toy?

I certainly can but I wanted to stop!

I needed to work out a way to handle how I dealt with shinny toys, shift out the ones that where going to help me and make sure I did so every time.

Here’s 5 Strategies I use to make sure if what I am going to buy that it will be useful and profitable or at least break even.

Avoid the marketeers

How many emails a day do you get from people you have previously bought – 2,5,7? Then how many times do you get reminders?  The simplest way I have is to delete these emails. Better still unsubscribe if they are just selling. I will keep them going if they give as much as they ask. I.e. they offer training as well as selling to you.

Maintain a list of gadgets you have

Do you have a tool that does the same thing or similar? Many forget they have already a tool that they bought previously. Always maintain a list of what you bought, what it does, what you have used it and what income it brings in.  Then ask yourself, have you paid these off? Purchases of a few hundred dollars add up quickly to thousands of dollars.  On top of that, if you carry a balance on your credit card, you will pay an hefty interest.

Read reviews

Yes even if it’s fairly new product there can be reviews of the product. Not the ones on the sales pages, but genuine people who have bought or tested a beta/review who post off the sales page. Some bloggers also review software products put a search in Google and see what happens. You can also find on market places people who will give a review.

Always sleep on it before making a purchase.

Can’t delete it as you are a little intrigued? More often than not it’s not a case of “here now gone tomorrow”. Most campaigns are here for a few days so sleep on it, don’t buy straight away, even with the tempters of “don’t leave I have something for you”, they’ll usually be back again tomorrow.

Work out its worth 

We buy on emotion and very rarely do we do the reality check of the cost to buy the shinny toy. If you did you may think twice about whether this toy will help your business. The cost isn’t just the price, its the implementation of the tool or strategy into your business and then the value that work brings to your business. There are ways to do this and I’ll come back to this in another post.

These 5 strategies are just a few you can use to manage the urge of buying shinny toys that cost you money and don’t add to your business.

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