Last week I moved house, in effect I wanted to downsize. Now people do this day in and day out. But if you have done this recently then you’ll know that is a long list of things to do:

Go through the cupboards – when did I last use or wear this?

Clear out the loft – those suitcases, those childhood memories

Then its about what to do with the  clutter – sell on eBay what you can, give away other goods then visit the dump for those things that past their useful date a long time ago.

Then there’s all those admin tasks needed to be done – tell the bank; the local government; the tax man; the insurance companies etc of your new address.  Cancel the energy company, the water company, redirect the post.  Book the removal people, deal with the estate agents, the solicitors….

Pack the house and and flats

Then unpack the boxes, find places for mums best dinner set, do the second batch of throw out what you should have done weeks ago. Then you have to find time to put this pictures and shelves back up!

……and on and on it goes.

One of the best things I did was I knew my limits, I don’t have the strength to shift beds, or for that matter pack. I don’t have the skills to build cupboards.

I also know that if I were to do all of the moving myself I would still be in between both houses shifting the work  now!  Or I would find myself in traction with back trouble. I had to outsourced to people who could do it better than I could.

In business when starting up many will try to do everything themselves because they believe its going to save them time and money. They will loose control if they hand over to someone else. It’s a myth.

I knew the removal team can do it so much faster than I could even with a posy of friends willing and able to help. It’s because they do it day in and day out, they have the expertise to do this, they have learnt how to pack, empty and then fill a house full of boxes.  And of course when compared with the time it would take me to achieve this all they are a lot cheaper.

It allows me to do what I am best at. That doesn’t mean I loose control, I plan and I organise and I trust people.

I choose to use people who can do tasks for me that I know it makes sense for them to do. However, many start ups don’t succeed because they fail to realise for the cost of using someone to do a few of the tasks they do, so they can concentrate on the right things, saves them time and money long term.

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