I just want to start by giving an update on my first week and show you the activities I have been up to so far.

Now the work needed in starting a business and in particular a blog, is for some not what they really want to do. For them,  it’s I want to be out there selling, telling the world I am here come and get this or that.  For me I know I need to establish who I am, build credibility, gravitas, evidence that I know what I am talking about.

That requires building blocks for the business, learning the trade, gaining knowledge and making mistakes.  My first step is to build this website and that has been what I have been doing this week.my week 1

I bought the domain name – that was fun as I wanted my name but it had already gone so I had to decide on a variation. Should I use a hyphen between forename and surname, my full name (not shortened), should I add “online” or similar at the end? In the end I choose to add a initial in between as a distinction form the other Charlie Keenan website. (They are a outdoor clothing business!)

Name bought I then had to link to my hosting provider. That done it was choosing a Content Management System – I use WordPress to build my sites,  as I find that with over 25% of the websites built onto the web,  you usually can find the module you need for your website.

WordPress loaded onto the hosting account,  I needed a Theme to add.  I use Elegant Themes as they have a fair price for many themes that you can change without having to buy a new one and they are constantly updating their different themes. They have also some plugins that you can also use included in that price.

My next step was to create a header and get a graphic – I am pretty good and putting graphics together, though logos are not my forte. One of the best known secrets is to use Fiverr to create a logo for me. I then put these together and put the header onto the website.

It now looks pretty cool, I have got the image I like, I now needed to start putting on some of the technical bits behind the scene like the plugins to protect from un-savoury attacks. The good ones that allow readers to share content they like.

Then I started writing my first real blog and here it is.

This weeks recommended Product

Elegant Themes is run by Nick Roach and have been running over 8 years. At the time of writing they have 87 Themes to choose from, 5 Plugins and over 261,500 customers.  Their mission is “We hold elegance at our core” with a  passion for simple, beautiful design. Form Nicks initial start up in his college apartment the team has grown into a diverse and distributed team of 33 WordPress enthusiasts from all around the world.  They are not a company they call themselves a  community, who love WordPress.  I have been using them now for over two years.


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