Is writing a blog a chore or can it be an easy task? I am currently running through John Thornhill Partnership to Success course. One of the tasks he has set is to write a blog and to post 3-4 articles a week.

When I first saw this I nearly went for the money back guarantee – I hate writing, it fills me with dread, Trying to put pen to paper and write one post let alone 3 additional posts each week  – what was I thinking of?

My brain is not geared to be a wordsmith, I have a visual brain. I see pictures when I am thinking of something but ask me to describe them and you get such a different picture, you wonder what I was talking about!

Then to find 3-4 different topics to choose from – what was I doing here? Writing is not one of my strengths. Previous work you’ll find, poor grammar, sentences that don’t make sense and poor structure throughout the blog, article or presentation.task vs chore

To be honest writing a blog to me is a chore and one I would dearly love to outsource!  I once did but found the people just used the article spinners tools and delivered garbage! It just wasn’t good enough and I couldn’t publish them.

I know that all the website bots that crawl over websites would easily have picked up the quality was poor.

Lesson leant – I knew if I was to write a blog you can’t outsource. I just have to do it myself. You now know it’s not a strength and trying to create that number was going to be tough!

What did I do? Well I accept I am not the greatest writer, however I looked for a way to kick start myself.  I took Johns advice and looked at what I had done that week; what had I seen that I could relate to a business, product or information; what previous experience could I drawn upon; I have loads of things that interest me and I have some business knowledge.

I keep it very simple and use a mind map to create a weekly list of topics I could write about.  From this I’ll pick one and start writing, I’ll write a few lines and if that starts the words following I’ll keep on going.

If I find I am struggling, no words are forthcoming, I’ll try another topic.

Or I’ll start 2-3 topics and see which one is more productive. This article started with an idea about a man with an umbrella. You’ll see that one shortly!

Once I get going I usually complete the post in under 1 hour. Others do take longer as I need to do some research to make sure what’s written is accurate and up to date.

I will be honest here, it’s not gone completely that I think of this as a chore, but it’s a lot easier task. I won’t become the best communicator, but I hope to be provide a lot of informative about a wide range of topics.

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